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  Duet Flat Back - Description
    Duet Flat Back - Canister Options
    Duet Flat Back - Features & Specs
    Duet Flat Back - Parts
    Duet Flat Back - Warranty

  Duet Retention Bracket - Description
    Duet Retention Bracket - Canister Options
    Duet Retention Bracket - Features & Specs
    Duet Retention Bracket - Parts
    Duet Retention Bracket - Warranty

  DCell Suction - Description
    DCell Suction - Features & Specs
    DCell Suction - Replacement Parts
    DCell Suction - Warranty
    DCell Suction - Features Video
    DCell Suction - In-Service Video

  Sentinel - Description
    Sentinel - Features & Specs
    Sentinel - Parts
    Sentinel - Warranty

  HI-D "Big Stick" Suction Tip (Hospital)

EMS Suction Products

Quickdraw - Home
  Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered - Description
    Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered - Canister Options
    Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered - Features & Specs
    Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered - Parts
    Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered - Warranty

  Quickdraw Rechargeable - Description
    Quickdraw Rechargeable - Canister Options
    Quickdraw Rechargeable - Features & Specs
    Quickdraw Rechargeable - Parts
    Quickdraw Rechargeable - Warranty

  Quickdraw Tactical Olive Drab - Description
    Quickdraw Tactical Olive Drab - Canister
    Quickdraw Tactical Olive Drab - Features & Specs
    Quickdraw Tactical Olive Drab - Parts
    Quickdraw Tactical Olive Drab - Warranty

  S-SCORT III - Description
    S-SCORT III - Canister Options
    S-SCORT III - Features & Specs
    S-SCORT III - Parts
    S-SCORT III - Warranty

VX-2 - Home
  VX-2 Charging/Retention Bracket - Description
    VX-2 Charging/Retention Bracket - Canister Options
    VX-2 Charging/Retention Bracket - Features & Specs
    VX-2 Charging/Retention Bracket - Parts
    VX-2 Charging/Retention Bracket - Warranty

  VX-2 Flat Back - Description
    VX-2 Flat Back - Canister Options
    VX-2 Flat Back - Features & Specs
    VX-2 Flat Back - Parts
    VX-2 Flat Back - Warranty

  S-SCOR-T II - Description
    S-SCOR-T II - Features & Specs
    S-SCOR-T II - Parts
    S-SCOR-T II - Warranty

  S-SCORT 9 - Description
    S-SCORT 9 - Features & Specs
    S-SCORT 9 - Parts
    S-SCORT 9 - Warranty

  S-SCORT TEN - Description
    S-SCORT TEN - Features & Specs
    S-SCORT TEN - Parts
    S-SCORT TEN - Warranty

HI-D "Big Stick" Suction Tip (EMS)

S3 Oropharyngeal Evacuation Tool - Description
S3 Oropharyngeal Evacuation Tool - Training Video

Disaster Preparedness

Onboard Suction SSCOR/BOARD - Description
  Onboard Suction SSCOR/BOARD - Options
  Onboard Suction SSCOR/BOARD - Warranty

Transporter, Hospital Description
  Transporter Instructions For Use
  Transporter Video

Transporter, EMS Description
  Transporter Instructions For Use
  Transporter Video



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