duet-4-bloghospital-icon-thumb-2 SSCOR DUET Flat Back
Instant, Powerful, Portable Aspirator

The Duet is perfect for the hospital crash cart, patient transport, surgi-center backup, long term care facilities and more.

2314B-duet-action-7226hospital-icon-thumb-2 SSCOR DUET Bracket Back
Powerful, Portable Aspirator with Retention Bracket

Specifically designed to conserve the valuable real estate of the crash cart work surface.

DCell-with-batteries-2951-V2-400px (1)hospital-icon-thumb-2 SSCOR DCell Suction
Hours of Medical Suction Using D Cell Alkaline Batteries

The world's first and only full size medical suction device powered by off-the-shelf alkaline batteries.


hospital-icon-thumb-2 SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®
Single Use, Non Sterile, Rigid Suction Catheter

This hyper curved suction catheter is shaped more like a patient's airway and has a 0.26" inner diameter.


hospital-icon-thumb-2 HI-D® Suction tip
A larger diameter allows a patient's airway to be cleared more efficiently

The SSCOR HI-D Suction Tip has in inner diameter nearly twice as large as traditional surgical suction tips.


hospital-icon-thumb-2 EMS Transporter
Portable Suction is now easily available at the patient's side

Allows the VX-2 to hang on the side of virtually all hospital beds, gurneys or EMS cots.

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