For immediate information on how to order SSCOR portable suction devices, please contact Brooke Say, SSCOR Director of Sales, (310-735-5871,   

SSCOR DUET® with Mounting BracketPowerful, Portable, Dependable Hospital Aspirator with Mounting Bracket



The SSCOR Duet with Mounting Bracket is specifically designed to conserve the valuable real estate of the crash cart work surface.

The SSCOR Duet with Mounting Bracket comes complete with a mounting bracket enabling the powerful SSCOR Duet suction unit to easily attach to the side of a cart or attach  to the wall for ease of use.

The SSCOR Duet Portable Suction Pump is designed for the hospital crash cart, patient transport, and medical facility backup.  It provides effective emergency suction for acute care facilities, alternate care sites and long term care facilities.  It is to be used exclusively for these purposes.

  • An AC suction unit, with battery back up, the Duet provides instant, powerful suction whether or not AC power is available.
  • When fully charged, the sealed lead acid battery provides 45 minutes +/-10% of suctioning power giving you the suction you need for emergency care procedures.  The battery is backed by a 3 year battery replacement policy.

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The control panel indicates vacuum level, battery condition, connection to power and lets the user know the pump is running.  Charging is controlled for maximum battery life and the PC board protects the battery from deep discharge. 

The variable regulator allows the negative pressure to be adjusted quickly between <50 to >525mmHg with a quarter turn of the knob to provide reduced vacuum for tracheal and pediatric procedures as well as vacuum less than 50mmHg for neonates.

 A powerful, hospital aspirator designed with quality parts, designed and tested to meet the needs for emergency suction, and designed to last.

If you are certain you have no need for the mounting bracket click SSCOR Duet. NOTE: If you purchase a Duet without mounting bracket it cannot be later retrofitted to accommodate the SSCOR 8314 mounting bracket.

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Powerful suction designed to easily attach to the crash cart.


Standard Canister Options

The SSCOR Duet with mounting bracket is available in two standard canister configurations, the 2314B and the 2314BH, to specifically fit the canister you use in your facility.

Duet-portable-aspirator-with-mounting-bracketDuet with 1200cc Bemis Canister - pn:2314B (Canister is included)

Duet-H-with-Medline-canister-mounting-bracketDuet with 1200cc Medline Canister - pn:2314BH (Canister is not included)

Duet-H-with-Guardian-canister-mounting-bracketDuet with 1200cc Cardinal Canister  pn:2314BH (Canister is not included)

****If you use a liner based canister please contact Brooke Say at or call 310-735-5871 to discuss your specific canister requirements.

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