SSCOR is a manufacturer of medical devices designed to aid the healthcare professional in clearing the patient airway. In fact, clearing the airway is our #1 priority!

We are a family owned business and since 1980 have produced high quality products in California, USA.

SSCOR innovations include –

  • The early use of sealed lead acid batteries in EMS suction
  • The first adaptation of hospital grade disposable canisters to EMS suction
  • The first, and still only battery powered emergency aspirator that weighs less than three pounds
  • The large bore oropharyngeal suction tip
  • Onboard, vehicle mounted, regulators for suction with unrestricted, yet completely adjustable vacuum settings
  • Alkaline battery technology in emergency suction for extended shelf life
  • The first emergency medical aspirator that can be operated by off the shelf alkaline (AAA) batteries
  • First ever aspirator designed for the Emergency Preparedness professional

SSCOR is an FDA registered establishment. Many of our products are CE marked and used throughout the world.

SSCOR maintains an intense interest in the airway clearing process and welcomes your thoughts and comments on this very important step in the life saving process.

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Clearing the Airway is our #1 Priority