S-SCORT® lll Portable Suction UnitRugged, Reliable, and Economical

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ems portable suction for first responders

S-SCORT III Portable EMS Suction Unit

The S-SCORT III has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, and economical EMS suction device and the standard in many EMS agencies.

The S-SCORT III is powerful and the vacuum is adjustable (see performance specifications here), intuitive to use, weighs only 7 pounds and is economical to purchase and maintain. 

The S-SCORT III is durable because its key components are encased in protective foam.

The device is powered by a rugged and reliable internal sealed lead acid battery, which is maintained by an AC/DC charger or a DC power cord.




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Built for today's first responders. Designed for ease of use. Engineered to last.

s-scort iii portable suction unit-durableDurable
The S-SCORT III was first introduced in July of 1991 and has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, and economical EMS suction device. While the S-SCORT III has evolved and improved over the years it has maintained all of the characteristics that make it the standard in many EMS agencies. Watch our "Stair Video" as the S-SCORT III and other SSCOR suction units are repeatedly kicked down the stairs and continue to perform to specs.

powerful portable ems suctionReliable
The S-SCORT III is engineered for today's EMS and Fire services. An internal foam core provides exceptional protection to the motor and other internal components so suction is available when you need it. Keeping the unit on charge insures that it is always ready to perform. The outer red cover is a strong vinyl covered nylon that is durable, tough and easily wiped down after service. Used on or off the ambulance, the S-SCORT III is always ready.

economical ems suction unit for ambulancesEconomical
The S-SCORT III is shipped “ready to use”. The unit is powered by an internal sealed lead acid battery which is maintained by an AC/DC charger or a DC power cord. Many components of the S-SCORT III are quickly available and easily field replaceable. SSCOR builds suction units that exceed expectations. With proper maintenance and care SSCOR suction units will remain in service well beyond the standard 1 year warranty. 

powerful emergency suctionPowerful
The S-SCORT III delivers >30 LPM clinical airflow and vacuum is regulated by a two position regulator, allowing the operator to choose between full power (>525mmHg) and reduced power (120mmHg +/- 15%) for endotracheal and pediatric suction procedures. All of the power and versatility necessary to quickly and effectively clear an airway and weighs only 7 pounds.