SSCOR HI-D® – The "Big Stick®” Suction Tip

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Clogged tips…
That is the complaint we most often hear from those using suction equipment for resuscitation procedures. The suction tip they are using has been designed for a surgical environment, not for emergency resuscitation.

These surgical suction tips have a very narrow internal diameter (0.14”) making it quite difficult to suction material through the suction tip.  It is not uncommon to hear stories where the suction tip is discarded and a caregiver suctions a patients airway with the suction tubing, losing the benefit of control the suction tip offers. 

The SSCOR HI-D suction tip has an inner diameter nearly twice as large as traditional surgical suction tips (.26”) and nearly as large as the inner diameter of the suction tubing.  This larger diameter allows a patients airway to be cleared more efficiently with the HI-D than with the traditional surgical suction tip.  The HI-D also has a thumb port so the caregiver can regulate the suction at the distal end of the suction tip as well as side eye holes to prevent soft tissue damage.