SSCOR DuCanto Catheter
A catheter designed for use during routine and emergency airway management. Uniquely suited for the SALAD technique.
Part Number: 200-00002 (single catheter)
Part Number: 200-00002C  (Case of 50)

SCOR DuCanto Catheter w/ 6ft Tubing
Have the DuCanto Catheter ready for use faster with 6 ft Patient Connecting Tube in the same package.
Part Number: 200-00006C Case of 30
Part Number: 200-00006 Each

Patient Connecting Tubing 6 Feet
9/32” ID by 6'
Part Number: 43200C Case of 50
Part Number: 43200 Each

Patient Connecting Tubing 3 Feet
9/32” ID by 3'
Part Number: 120-00001 Case of 50
Part Number: 43203 Each

SCOR HI-D® The “Big Stick®” Suction Tip
A large bore suction tip (.25”) with thumb port, allowing the patients airway to be cleared more effectively.
Part Number: 44241C Case of 50
Part Number: 44241 Each
Bemis Disposable Canister
1200cc/ml disposable suction canister
Part Number: 48041 Each
Part Number: 229 Case of 48

SCOR Quickdraw Canister with Hose Barb
The hose barb canister is designed to be connected to a patient connecting tube and suction catheter. Placed by the patient’s side the device is now used like a “traditional suction device.”
Part Number: 2488-20 Case of 20
Part Number: 2488 Each

SSCOR Quickdraw Canister with Integral Catheter
Designed with an integral catheter to quickly remove fluids from a patients airway.
Part Number: 2480-20 Case of 20
Part Number: 2480 Each