SSCOR DUET® Powerful, Portable, Dependable Hospital Aspirator

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Image (Click to Buy) Part Description Part #
80635-battery-June-2024 Battery 80635
Pump Pump 90201-8
Regulator---22012-KIT2314-800px Regulator
Replacement Kit
Power Cord Power Cord 80551-100
80540-duet-pc-board PC Board 80540
Wiring Harness Wiring Harness 80971
suction-tubing-from-unit-to-canister Replacement Canister Tubing 50159-9
Switch & Wiring Harness

80516-2 Power Supply 80516

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Powerful AC suction equipped with battery back-up
and dual mode charger.

Maintenance of the SSCOR DUET

Each component in the SSCOR Duet is critical for delivering effective vacuum when needed. You can count on the SSCOR Duet to give you the airway clearing suction that you need.

Each part in the SSCOR Duet aspirator has been carefully chosen and tested for reliability.

Should you need to replace an existing part, SSCOR Duet replacement parts can be installed by a qualified medical repair technician.

If you would rather send in your Duet to SSCOR for repair or for regular maintenance please click here to access our SSCOR Repair Request Form.

Should you need to replace the SSCOR Duet battery, SSCOR  recommends that you always replace it with a SSCOR labeled battery.

Keep the SSCOR Duet on charge when not in use. Continuous charging will not harm the battery. The internal battery control system recognizes when the battery is completely charged, eliminating damage or destruction of the battery caused by overcharging.

We also have detailed questions and answers to the most common technical/maintenance questions. Please click here to go to the SSCOR Knowledge Base.

Reliable. Dependable. That is our standard.

SSCOR FREE Aspirator Test Kit

atk-300pxThe Aspirator Test Kit can provide an indication of battery health and capacity as well as mechanical function. It can help ensure that your suction unit is performing to specifications, ready to use in critical times or potentially in need of repair or replacement.

Click the button below to request your FREE Aspirator Test Kit.

Free Aspirator Test Kit


Warning WARNING:
This device contains a Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Batteries also contain other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to