ONBOARD SUCTION - SSCOR/board Permanent Panel Mount Options

blue-arrow-onboardPanel Mount Regulators - Click photo to purchase.

Injection molded panel mount regulator Injection Molded
2" Gauge - Model Number: 23001

Stainless Steel Panel-Mount-Regulator 2" Gauge
Stainless Steel

2" Gauge - Model Number: 22000

Panel Mount regulator stainless steel 2.5 inch gauge
Stainless Steel

2 1/2" Gauge - Model Number: 25000

Standard items included with the Panel Mount Regulator Options:
Variable regulator & gauge assembly, 10’ vinyl tubing (5/16”ID x 9/16”OD) [304.8cm tubing (.79cmID x 1.428cmOD)], mounting screws, straight hose barbs, and hose clamps.

blue-arrow-onboardCanister Holders - Click photo to purchase.

Canister Holder injection molded
Injection Molded
Part Number: 23002
Requires Bemis 1200cc canister and
SSCOR # 230-00003 Onboard Canister Clip
for SAE J3043 compliance.
Pictured above and not included.

stainless steel canister holder
Stainless Steel
Part Number: 22002

onboard canister clip

Optional Onboard Canister Clip
Part Number: 230‐00003
Use the 
SSCOR Onboard Canister Clip with the VX-2 model 2310BV and the model 23002 Canister Holder to comply with SAE J3043. The Onboard Canister Clip will hold the Bemis 1200cc canister in place on the VX-2 model 2310BV and 23002 injection molded canister holder to a force of 25G.

Standard items included with Canister Holders:
Canister holder, patient tubing, HI-D, “The Big Stick” suction tip, 1200cc/ml Bemis disposable canister, and mounting screws.

blue-arrow-onboardSSCOR/board Pump - Click pump photo to purchase.

replacement onboard suction pump
SSCOR/board Pump
Part Number: SB90120-RT
The SSCOR/board pump package includes a small, quiet 12V DC, diaphragm pump capable of generating 30 LPM clinical airflow and over 525 mmHg negative pressure.




Customized Onboard Vacuum Systems

SSCOR can customize a Vacuum System to better fit your ambulances manufacturing practices.

For OEM Technical Support please contact:
Brooke Say
Director of Sales
Phone: 310-735-5871 or 818-504-4054
Email: brooke@sscor.com

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