SSCOR QUICKDRAW® Alkaline Powered Olive DrabPowerful Suction for the Field.

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Canister & Battery Options

Canisters for the tactical Quickdraw Olive Drab are drainable for use in situations where supplies are scarce.

Hose - Barbed Canister:
The barbed Quickdraw canister allows the device to be used like a “traditional” suction device. The Quickdraw is placed by the patient and the patient tubing and suction catheter are connected to the barbed fitting on the canister.
Integral Canister
The standard Quickdraw canister with an integral catheter is the quickest way to remove fluids from a patient's airway.
Both versions of the Quickdraw canister feature a 2 position regulator.  When capped, the Quickdraw delivers over 500mmHg negative pressure.  When the regulator vent is opened, the negative pressure is reduced to approximately 80-100mmHg allowing the device to be used for tracheal and pediatric suction procedures.

AAA Battery Holder
The AAA battery holder accepts ten (10) standard off-the-shelf AAA alkaline batteries and at full capacity will power the Quickdraw for 60-100 minutes. After the batteries have been discharged, they can be easily replaced with 10 new off-the-shelf AAA alkaline batteries for another 60-100 minutes of power. The AAA battery holder will also accept 10 NiMH batteries and at full capacity will power the Quickdraw for 60-100 minutes.
Alkaline Battery Pack
Alkaline Battery Pack
The alkaline battery pack will run the Quickdraw for 3 hours

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The first and only medical field suction to utilize
alkaline battery technology

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