SSCOR TransporterPortable suction is now easily accessible at the patient's side during patient transport.

Instructions For Use
  • Attach the SSCOR Transporter to the handle of the 2300 Series Suction Device (Duet, VX-2, Sentinel, or EVX) so the hooks are directed to the back of the suction device.
  • Make sure the snaps are firmly attached before using the SSCOR Transporter with a 2300 Series Suction Device.
  • Do not use the SSCOR Transporter if you notice it is worn or damaged.
  • Make sure when a 2300 Series Suction Device is attached to a bed the functionality or usability of the bed is not limited and that during use the 2300 Series Suction Device does not unintentionally unhook, partly or completely.
  • Use only on horizontal rails with a maximum rail diameter of 2 inches.
  • Remove the SSCOR Transporter from the suction unit only when the suction unit is on a flat stable surface.


The surface of the SSCOR Transporter can be cleaned with a mild surface cleaner and a moistened cloth.

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Ambulate With The SSCOR Duet Suction Device

Now, conveniently transport and ambulate
with the SSCOR Duet suction device.

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