SSCOR Transporter - HospitalPortable suction is now easily accessible at the patient's side during patient transport.

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During medical transport or ambulation patients may require suction. Now, the SSCOR Transporter allows the Duet to hang on the side of virtually all hospital beds, gurneys, and stretchers.
  • The first of its kind, the SSCOR Transporter ensures suction is available when needed
  • Heavy duty hooks ensure that the Transporter secures on the side of virtually any hospital bed, gurney, or stretcher
  • Button snaps make attaching the Transporter to the suction unit quick and easy
  • Quality suction during patient transport no matter how far you are from wall vacuum
  • Easy to clean

Specifications SPECIFICATIONS:

Strap: L 7" X W 6"
Hook: 2" Diameter
Weight: 0.25 lbs or 0.126 kg
Maximum Load Rating: 20 lbs

Designed for use with the SSCOR 2300 series, S-SCORT II and S-SCORT III suction devices.

Reference / Model Number: 10064-800

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Transporter Hospital

Now, conveniently transport and ambulate
with the SSCOR Duet suction device.

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