S-SCORT® II SuctionEMS Suction that Utilizes Defibrillator Batteries

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The S-SCORT II accommodates you and your battery care system! Designed to operate using batteries designed to fit Lifepak® 5, 10 and 12 defibrillators, the S-SCORT II has two receptacles; one to hold an active battery and one to hold a spare. Typically, a fully charged defibrillator battery will run the II for about 20 minutes.

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Once depleted, the battery can be recharged in the same manner as the batteries going into the defibrillator.

The S-SCORT II features a two position regulator enabling you to switch between a very powerful setting in excess of 525mmHg down to a gentler 120mmHg  +/- 15% for tracheal and pediatric procedures. Airflow exceeds 30 lpm.

NOTE: Batteries are not included and the S-SCORT II has no charging capabilities. Batteries are to be supplied by the user and charged in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer of the battery.

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Suction that requires batteries designed for Lifepak 5,10, and 12.

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