Onboard/Portable Suction
SAE J3043 Compliant. All SSCOR onboard product has been tested
for compliance with SAE J3043.

SSCOR VX-2 with charging/retention bracket option:

The VX-2 mounts to a charging/retention bracket that secures the aspirator in compliance with the SAE J3043 standard and connects to vehicle power. It can be mounted in the action area as an onboard vacuum system. The aspirator lifts from the bracket easily with one hand for portable battery powered use outside of the vehicle. The SSCOR VX-2 has internal electronics which protect the battery from deep discharge, ramps up incoming current for optimal charge and manages the display which includes battery condition indication, a running light and a charging light.

Standard items included: Aspirator, charging/retention bracket, 1200cc/ml Bemis canister, patient tubing and HI-D, “The Big Stick” suction tip.



SSCOR VX-2 with charging/retention bracket

SAE J3043 compliant when used with a 1200cc Bemis canister and the SSCOR #230-00003 Onboard Canister Clip.
Pictured above and not included.

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SSCOR/board Custom Configurations

1. Choose a Panel Mount Regulator. panel mount regulator
Injection Molded
Model Number: 23001

2 inch gauge
Stainless Steel
2" Gauge
Model Number: 22000
2 1/2 gauge
Stainless Steel

2 1/2" Gauge
Model Number: 25000
Standard items included:
Variable regulator & gauge assembly, 10’ vinyl tubing (5/16”ID x 9/16”OD) [304.8cm tubing (.79cmID x 1.428cmOD)], mounting screws, straight hose barbs, and hose clamps.

2. Choose a canister holder plastic canister
Injection Molded
Part Number: 23002
canister holder stainless steel
Stainless Steel
Part Number: 22002
  Requires Bemis 1200cc canister and
SSCOR # 230-0003 Onboard Canister Clip
for SAE J3043 compliance.
Pictured above and not included.
Standard items included:
Canister holder, patient tubing, HI-D, “The Big Stick” suction tip, 1200cc/ml Bemis disposable canister, and mounting screws.

Optional Onboard Canister Clip onboard canister clip
Part Number: 230‐00003

Use the SSCOR Onboard Canister Clip with the VX-2 model 2310BV and the model 23002 Canister Holder to comply with SAE J3043. The Onboard Canister Clip will hold the Bemis 1200cc canister in place on the VX-2 model 2310BV and 23002 injection molded canister holder to a force of 25G.

3. Include a pump for a complete onboard vacuum system. suction pump
Part Number: SB90120-RT
The SSCOR/board pump package includes a small, quiet 12V DC, diaphragm pump capable of generating 30 LPM clinical airflow and over 525 mmHg negative pressure.



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